Hose SAE/100 R6 1TE

Rubber hose suitable for delivery of hydraulic fluid, oils, lubricants and air.

StandardsSAE J 517 100 R6 - 1TE.

Temperature range: -40°C + 100°C

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Tube: black smooth NBR rubber.
high strength synthetic textile braids.
: black, abrasion, oils and weathering resistant CR rubber.
smooth, fabric finished.
ink marking “H.T. - SAE 100 R6 - 1TE - EXCEED EN854 - production quarter - Lotto”.
Available on request:

SAE 100/R6/CO:
black cotton braided cover.
SAE 100/R6/ZINC: galvanized steel wire braided cover.
SAE 100/R6/CO/ZINC: black cotton braided and galvanized steel wire braid cover.
SAE 100/R6/INOX: stainless steel wire braided cover.

SAE/100 R6 1TE

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