Corrugated rubber hose with helix (bending radius 1 up to 1,5 of the internal Ø), suitable for gas exhaust and cooling the heat exchangers on pleasure boats
Norm: SAE J 2006:2003 R2 - ISO 13363: 2004 TYPE 2 CLASS B - LLOYD'S REGISTER APPROVED N. 96/00127/RINA
Temp: -30°C + 100°C

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Tube: black smooth rubber, resistant to exhaust gas, inert gases, hot water, sea water and chemical products in low concentration Reinforcement: double steel helix with high strenght synthetic textile fabric Cover: black rubber -abrasion , heat, and weathering resistant Surface: corrugated fabric finish Marking: green stripe with black ink ITALY SCAMO/SP MARINE WET EXHAUST APPROVED - LLOYDS REGISTER N. 9600127 - RINA N. DIP 075110CS embossed stripe SAE J 2006: 2003 R2 - ISO 13363:2004 TYPE 2 CLASS B -internal Ø - year


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