Food one-layer SILICONE hose. 

StandardsAmerican regulations F.D.A.177.2600. Italian regulations D.M.no. 220 dtd 21/03/1973. 1935/2004/CE.(MOCA)

Temperature range: -40°C + 200°C

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Hose: One-layer, abrasion, heat, weathering and most chemicals resistant non toxic transparent silicon.

Specific weight (UNI 7092-A): g/cm3 1,180
Hardness (UNI EN ISO 868) Shore 65 +/- 5
Breaking load (UNI 6065): MPa 8
Stretching (UNI 6065): 300 %
Tearing (ASTM 0 624/B): KN/m 15
Compression set Sch.25% 22h a 175˚C (UNI ISO 815): 40%

Products after vulcanization are compounded by: METYLVYNYL- POLISYLOSSAN strengthened by FUMED SILICA.

Surface: smooth extruded


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